Testimonials for Feng Shui Master Sylvia Watson, FSIA, of Healing Environments

A few success stories from clients:

“Guess what!?!?! I rearranged our bedroom with the suggestions you made – WOW! My once skeptical husband is now a convert to your “magical feng shui powers.” Donna J.

“Thanks Sylvia! You have had a tremendous positive impact on my life and I’m so grateful!! Before you came into my life, I felt stuck with no sense of direction. Now, I just keep going and going like an energizer bunny Boy you weren’t kidding about being in my “fire stage”-.LOL. It has been a whirlwind but wonderful….so many changes and things headed towards the right direction…living and loving life. You helped me create a wonderful energy throughout my home. I get compliments from everyone who visits.” Marie B.

“I wanted to let you know that you solved my erratic sleeping problem and I did not even mention it to you during the consultation. You suggested that I replace a painting above my bed because of the negative subliminal message it contained. After I replaced it with a beautiful ocean scene, I started sleeping through the night.” Michael M.

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“I never mentioned the Space Clearing to anyone: I wanted proof that it brought results. What a surprise. My clients asked me what I had done. The general consensus was that it felt more positive and comforting; believe me that’s what a therapist wants to hear. What I wasn’t prepared for was the resignation of a problem employee the day after the Space Clearing. Now I know what you mean about the positive pushing out the negative.” Tom B.

“My sister and I called you a year after we opened a high end gift shop that had beautiful one of a kind, hand crafted art and jewelry. Problem was the merchandize wasn’t selling. You came, you saw and you were amazing. Sales increased immediately. We were especially intrigued by the strategic placement of hard to sell items that somehow became some of our most popular. Thank you so much.” Rebecca M.

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