Feng Shui Master Sylvia Watson, FSIA, of Healing Environments

Hello – so glad you inquired about Feng Shui. I bring a depth of knowledge and experience as a Feng Shui professional, color consultant and  certified Feng Shui instructor and faculty member of the Feng Shui Institute of America, one of the oldest certification schools in America. As a Feng Shui consultant, I also hold the distinction of Red Ribbon Professional by the International Feng Shui Guild. 

Feel free to contact me for more information about my services. Need help with your home, office, business or garden? I would love to hear from you.

Email: healenvir@sbcglobal.net 

Telephone: 614.402.5087

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For your peace of mind, we do not employ salespeople so there will be no sales pitch; simply a friendly conversation about how we can work together.

Services we offer include: consultations for your home, business/office, personal image; Space clearings/house blessings; speaker for your organization or event; corporate workshops or retreats.

Professional organizations I recommend are the Feng Shui Institute of America. Contact: www.Feng-shui-institute-of-america.com and the International Feng Shui Guild at www.ifsguild.org