What is a Traditional Multi-Faceted Feng Shui Consultation?

Typical range for this consultation is $800 to $3,000, depending on size of home or space. A deposit of $350 is due upon the first visit. I provide an estimate for the consultation after I discover the needs of the client.

  1. The first two steps mentioned in the Contemporary Level Feng Shui Consultation are the same for this consult.
  2. I have you complete a Five Elemental personality assessment and implement other assessment tools as I determine appropriate. Comparison of assessment results to birth date taking into account the Chinese element for the current year.
  3. Together we determine the three most important “wishes” you desire.
  4. You take me through your living space while sharing your story in relation to your belongings, art, personal items, etc.
  5. I prepare an in depth written report that outlines areas that need addressed with the appropriate recommendations. This report includes visuals that help you understand the recommendations.
  6. Included in the recommendations is the identification of icons, symbols, placement or any design feature that emits a negative message or influence. This includes use of a pendulum to determine weak spots in your home.
  7. Upon completion of the report, I conduct one or two follow up visits so I can explain the report and recommendations.
  8. I assist you with the recommendations. If it is needed, I will bring in another expert such as a professional organizer, contractor or interior designer for those who desire an entire house re-model.
  9. If your home includes a yard, it is always addressed because the surrounding landscape, geography, entry/ approach, protective features, etc. are of utmost importance to a successful consultation.

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A residential feng shui consultation will help:

  • Improve your overall quality of life, health and happiness
  • Reduce clutter
  • Attract healthy relationships
  • Improve family communication
  • Increase intimacy
  • Improve prosperity

Not Sure Which Option is Right for You?

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