Feng Shui Space Clearing Space clearing rituals date back to ancient history in various forms with the particularities based in various religious orientations. It was the shaman, priest or holy man of a community that would be called upon to bless a home, maintain good Qi, or free a residence of disturbing, harmful spirits. In this sense, the local spiritual master partook in the role of a Feng Shui consultant.

Space clearing is a standard part of the traditional Feng Shui practice in the east, its place of origin. However, here in the west it is considered superstitious, although a priests visit to bless a christian home and shake frankincense urns is acceptable.

I remember years ago at The First International Feng Shui Conference in Munich, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai gave a speech on clearing spirits from the office buildings of his clients, commercial real estate investors. Grand Master Yap is a world renown Feng Shui consultant. He is the teacher and mentor of Lillian Too, also a world renown Feng Shui expert and author. Grandmaster Yap’s lecture consisted of his light-hearted reiteration of his experiences confronting various bodies of spirits, in grotesque detail, and escorting them out of the building of his clients who were despariate to not have their 1000 unit office buildings deemed uninhabitable. I was stunned watching nearly half of the audience leave during his lecture. Even Feng Shui practitioners at this time were not ready for this knowledge. His subsequent lectures adapted to western interests. When you go to see Master Yap now he only will lecture about on how to make millionaires by applying Feng Shui. In fact, if a person claims to be a Feng Shui consultant in his presence, he will challenge them to how many clients they have made wealthy, he’d ask , “How many millionaires did you make, how many billionaires?”

However, in actual Feng Shui consultations, clearing a space is often a necessary part of the process, especially in difficult cases where a house won’t sell for no obvious reason, children are consistantly fearful to be alone in a room, or there is an area of a house that nobody will use.

Where to Start

When we buy a new home, the first thing we do is to clean it out and prepare it for moving in. This usually entails making minor repairs, removing old wallpaper and carpets, putting on a fresh coat of paint and a thorough cleaning. In the same respect, a house requires some preparation and cleansing on an energetic level.

Have you ever considered to ask a person who went through a difficult time in his/her partnership to ask when problems started? Often the timing when difficulties started coincides with a change of residences. The next question would then be to find out why the previous owner sold the house and surprisingly enough you will very often experience repeating patterns of the same energy.

Recently I had an out-of-state client who experienced exactly such a pattern. He had just gone through an ugly divorce after having been happily married for 7 years in their first house. When I asked him if he knew anything about the pre-owners it turned out that the last two owners had been divorced in his new house, too. At the time when he bought the home this had been a reason for him negotiating, what he thought, a very good price. This energetic issue effecting relationships is very likely a Feng Shui obstacle or deficiency, but besides remedying the issue, these repeating, destructive energies have to be cleared, too.

The Energetic Structure

In one of the earlier issues I described the energetic structure of a building, an aura bubble of protection which reaches around the building in two layers. The inner layer has a thickness of around 1 ½ feet and a distance from the building of about 4 feet, the outer layer is about 3 feet thick and starts at 12 feet away from the house. Any energetic information beginning with the first intention to build the house, to the quality of the building materials and up to the energetic imprint of the people who lived in it, are stored in these two layers. The longer somebody lived there the stronger the imprint. This is the area where energetic patterns are stored.In addition, the energy patterns of the property at large are fixed there, as well. A former battlefield or a burial place, will obviously have an impact. A local example is the shopping area just as one exits 295 North heading into Freeport. There did not seem to be any obvious reason the shops there would be barely patronized. However. I recently noticed, as the relatively new stores were again being remodeled, that their is a small grave site on the corner of the parking lot.

Similar stories are reported with businesses in particular offices all going bankrupt. The business owners, as the previous one’s did, think they’ve gotten a bargain with the previous owner under pressure to sell (when in actuality the bargain is the business that outgrew the building!) . Without space clearing, these energies will cling onto the new company and drain their potential and resources.

What Are Typical Examples?

  • Children having nightmares on a regular basis. We always want to check for Geopathic Stress in this case, too, but children usually have kept their instincts much stronger. The older they get the further they drift away from natural reactions.
  • Properties which do not sell are typical cases and absolutely worth a try. The investment in a Space clearing treatment is absolutely minor in comparison to another 3 or 5 months of having the house listed, or worse vacant, and being forced to drop the price.
  • Businesses with lethargic energies are typical candidates for Feng Shui and Space clearing.

Not long ago we were able to help a home owner sell their house which had been on the market for several months. Although everybody acknowledged the charm of the old home, the owner had not received one offer so far, not even “any offer”, she explained quite exasperated. After scanning the residence, we were able to exclude the possibility of a Geopathic issue. As I continued to dowse for other types of energetic disturbances, I eventually narrowed it down to the energetic presence of a male child who had lived in the house at one time and due to a trauma was unable to move on. Apprehensively, I discussed my findings with the home owner, a conservative looking bussiness woman. She then disclosed that there had been several sightings of a boy in oversized golashes up to his knees and clothing as worn at the beginning of the last century. She said that their son, from the age of 3 when they first moved into the house, talked about seeing the boy and never wanting to be upstairs alone. Again, children often are very sensitive. Shortly after finishing our services the house was sold for the asking price.

What Traditions and Methods Are Used?

Karen Kingston describes in her second book “Creating Sacred Space” the importance of regular maintenance of the energy of a house. She uses sound techniques from Bali to diagnose a space, sacred temple bells, colorful materials, flowers and incense to please the house spirits and seal the area. However, her methods require extensive training and are time consuming. The clearing for a typical two story house would take 4 to 5 hours.

Denise Linn, a native American, works with techniques she learned from her ancestors which involve drums, sage and rituals calling upon any harmful beings to take leave and protective spirits for support.

Each year at the American Society of Dowsers Conventions, classes are tought on how to clear land, how to keep it clear and how to maximize the positive potential for the owner or tenant. As evidenced by the interest in Feng Shui and bio-resonance technologies, the recognition and respect for subtle energies are making their way into the mainstream.

The most recent addition to my own practice is a quantum computer. With its advanced technology, one is able to link into subtle energy fields and transform the frequency picture of an area. It is amazing how accurate the reading of this machine is. The accuracy of its test readings alone are extraordinary. Without knowing any more than a street address in New York we could describe specific issues and emotional problems of a building, we never saw before. This quantum computer called QXCI (Quantum Xerroid Consciousness Interface) allows us to further equalize imbalances, dissolve obstacles and take out supressive elements.

Simple Ways to Start

  • Organize time for a ceremony. Unhook the phone and make sure you will be undisturbed.
  • Allow yourself to get into a meditative state.
  • Use prayer and ask for help from positive energies. The more you are willing to accept help the easier the process.
  • Create a small house altar, light a candle, meditate and offer prayers.
  • Carefully and ceremoniously burn sage and carry it throughout the house, reaching into every corner and closet, the basement and attic.
  • Offer flowers and/or good foods to the house and offer thanks.


Please keep in mind that space clearing is not to be taken lightly. Be careful with energies you don’t know. Do not experiment with unknown forces. Clear yourself after working with disturbing energies e.g. take a footbath in salt water.