Straddling the Scales of Yin and Yang

Yin/yang is the concept of interconnected opposites that complement each other. In other words, we cannot experience light for example without knowing and experiencing darkness. How would we know what hot is without knowing what cold feels like. Once again, our five senses are engaged to allow us to experience the yin and yang of a space.

In our environment yin and yang means that some spaces in our homes have the function of high-energy activities while others lend more to relaxation and introspective activities. The purpose and function of each space will determine if the space needs more yin influence or more yang influence. Keeping this balance in our surroundings contributes to the balance we need in our mental and emotional selves as well.

Throughout this book we will refer to the yin of a space or a yang activity. All it means is that we are balancing the elements within a space so that we don’t have extremes of one or the other. And yes, there are times when “extreme” is what you might want to communicate in a space. Situations that call for the extreme are spaces such as nightclubs, operating rooms, prisons, etc. None of those will be addressed in this book.

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Too Yin/Too Yang

too_yin too_yang

Yin and Yang Chart

When you want yin When you want yang
Turn off the lights, spot light objects in a room or close the drapes or blinds. Add light or wattage, open drapes or blinds.
Play soft music Play loud fast or bouncy music
Light candles, stoke a low fire in the fire place Create a roaring fire in the fire place
Empty a room of people and create stillness Bring people into a room and generate lots of conversation
Decorate with a horizontal feeling keeping the eye low Decorate with a vertical feeling taking the eyes up
Neutralize fragrances Add fragrances
Clear clutter and get rid of pointed and rectangular shapes and forms Place accessories everywhere. Include a triangular and rectangular shapes and forms
Provide non-reflective surfaces, textured tiles, non glare picture glass Provide reflective surfaces, shiny tile, lots of mirrors
Pile, flannel or other softly woven fabric on furniture or as throws Finely woven tight fabrics
Slow meandering pathways through space Straight pathways
Too much yin creates yang Too much yang creates yin

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