Applying feng shui to our life is one of the few conscious and harmonious ways to elevate us toward genuine contentment. The reason being is that feng shui is based on the way of nature. Nature is a unified system that continuously self-corrects to stay harmonious with the Universe. All schools of feng shui pull from the philosophical ideals of Taoism and nature is the perfect teacher for us to learn about and understand this concept. Feng shui author Nancilee Wydra explains it succinctly. She says that feng shui is about how place affects the human condition. It is about how what we see, hear, smell and touch influences our experiences in life.

Taoism says that all things are connected and dependent upon each other. A seed sprouting the beginnings of a new tree comes from the bird eating the leftovers from the squirrel’s nut. The nut came from another tree where life began the same way. The tree is fertilized by the minerals of the earth, which are activated by the rains of the heavens, and encouraged to grow from the sunlight of the Universe. It’s a life force that works effectively because everything is connected. The seed is a system in itself but cannot serve its purpose without other systems that connect together to make a whole other larger system.

As humans, we too begin as a seed and with the right conditions become a fully functioning system within the Universe. Each organ in our bodies is a system and they work together to maintain life. Just like the seed of the tree, we cannot fulfill our purpose in life without the connection to other systems that help us thrive. These are our families, our friends, our co-workers, our cultures, our faiths, beliefs and our principles. Disconnection from our support systems disconnects us from life. And that force, that underlying connection of nature, is the system that feng shui adheres to.

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Taoism Today

Sadly, many people in today’s society live disconnected from many life-giving forces. Their dwellings lack any vitality within. They close themselves up in their homes. Their windows stay covered most of the time blocking their view of nature. There exist no portraits or keepsakes that might connect them with family or past memories. Absent are the aromas connecting them with pleasant memories of their past.

In today’s society with all the electronic gadgets we have at our finger tips, connecting with loved ones can be both a challenge and a blessing – challenging because a family unit might find it quite exasperating to communicate with one another due to each person solitarily connected to a television, computer game, email correspondence or cell phone. Meaningful conversation becomes impossible as no one is focusing on the emotional connection a family member is trying to make.

Technological gadgets can also be a blessing when, a teenager is out late and has a cell phone that the parent can call in an effort to ease their concern about their teen’s safety. The spouse who can connect only by email with a loved one serving in the military keeps the home fires burning. A cell phone has on many occasions been the connecting factor in a life saving situation.

The more technologically advanced our society becomes, our emotional and physical connectedness to each other seems to lessen. There is an innate need for humans to connect with one another. This has been genetically encoded in us from the beginning of time. Without this need, civilization would cease to exist. We need to experience touch from one another, to hear sounds of nature and to see colors and light that stimulate us. We need to be energized by aromas that remind us of happy times that keep us alert or that can relax us. So think about symbols in your life right now that connect you with your past, that mold your identity and give you a purpose in life.

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