Feng Shui with What You Have

Feng Shui with What You Have

Feng Shui with What You Have is the first feng shui book that gets it right: Bringing harmony into the home shouldn’t cause extra stress, demand a lot of unnecessary effort, or unbalance the budget.

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The authors, certified feng shui practitioners Connie Spruill and Sylvia Watson, know that true feng shui is right for today’s schedules and today’s budgets, and that true feng shui can be achieve with simple, meaningful elements already found in the home.

Feng Shui with What You Have is packed with creative tips and insights such as:

  1. Fabric hanging from plant hooks will clarify the distinctions between functions in a room.
  2. Spice racks can serve as quick-and-easy aromatherapy.
  3. The fierce tiger picture that intimidates guests in the foyer can be motivating and inspiring behind a desk.
  4. Decluttering can solve many problems—and that’s free!

With all the fun of a scavenger hunt and the authority of the Pyramid School of Feng Shui, Feng Shui with What You Have is the key to making every home peaceful and harmonious with minimal effort.

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