Feng Shui Tips for the Office

by | Feb 28, 2020

  1. The location of the desk is extremely important. The most favorable site is the farthest corner from the entry door. This puts one in the “power” corner.
  2. Ideally, you should have a solid wall behind you sit at your desk.
  3. Plants and flowers contribute to a more harmonious work environment. Place one near or on your desk as most people like plants and respond favorably. Add a wind chime or bird house to the planter to add a sense of “life”.
  4. Fix what is broken – broken items send negative messages. The desk chair with the broken leg may keep you and your work off balance.
  5. As a stress reliever, add an aquarium to your office space – it contains all five elements. Position the aquarium either in the break room or a public waiting area; however do not place it in a work area as it will detract from the task at hand.
  6. Pay attention to glare as it creates eyeain, another form of stress. To help reduce glare, avoid painting your office white. Instead, choose light taupe, gray or beige if you must stay with neutrals.
  7. Create positive messages by displaying a prized award, certificate or an inspirational quote.
  8. If you notice that you feel down during the winter months when there is less sunlight, try these remedies:
    • Add full spectrum lighting to your office or desk lamp. It duplicates sunlight.
    • In addition, citrus scents (especially grapefruit and orange) are known to help fight Seasonal Affective Disorder. Citrus scents are easy to use in the workplace without attracting negative comments from colleagues.
  9. Clear your clutter – remove stacks of accumulated paper and boxes. Clutter begets clutter. Paper clutter can lead to mind clutter.
  10. If your office space has no window, then create the illusion of the outdoors by using a nature picture or photo with a depth of view.