Nature’s Lessons for a Career Change

by | Dec 1, 2016

Feng shui is an effective tool for those contemplating a career change. First of all, life is about change and transitions. As this occurs, you grow and gain wisdom. Even though you might be anxious to leave a particular field, it is important to reflect on the benefits you received and the contributions you made. Keep in mind that your present profession will always be invaluable to all future endeavors; many of your skills honed over the years can be transferred to your new career.

One of the main themes of feng shui is that of change. Feng shui is a philosophy based on the laws of nature, and the best way to understand change is to study nature. Just as nature moves in cycles, so must we or else we become stagnant. Moving from one career to another is like moving from one chapter of you life to the next.

So that your new venture goes smoothly, take your lessons from the Five Element Cycle, which is also referred to as the Human Life Cycle. The five elements are found in the natural world and define all existence. They are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of the elements has a corresponding color, time of day, season, shape, etc. More importantly, each element exerts an energy and influence.

For this time of transition, you need to tap into Earth energy. The influence of Earth is that of stability, groundedness and equilibrium. Indian summer is the season of earth and is seen as a time of transitions between two seasons. It is also mid-afternoon, another time in between. Just as earth finds itself “in between”, so do you, as you are in between two careers. Move slowly, step cautiously, rest and nurture yourself. By doing this, you will not only start anew, you will emerge a new person – one with direction and passion.

Keep in mind that transition is different from change. Transition demands first that you become still, rest and seek out the quiet center of your soul. Face west and meditate. This is the direction that will inspire you to let go so that you can move on. Adjust your physical environment by surrounding yourself with earth features. The colors of earth are yellow, brown, beige, terra cotta, peach and other similar hues. Items that represent earth include rocks, ceramics, crystals and sand. Earth landscapes, photos of the Southwest and stone sculptures are good art choices.

Since you will be crossing from one career to another, prepare yourself to cross a new threshold. Thresholds are like bridges we cross over into another realm of our lives. They underline the transition from one place to another, much like a rite of passage. Each rite of passage represents crossing a threshold to another chapter in a person’s life. It’s a ritualistic way to mark life’s critical moments in time.

Have your thresholds clearly identified in your home. Metaphorically your life will reflect what you physically surround yourself with. If your thresholds are obstructed and cluttered in any way, so will each threshold in your life be obstructed and cluttered.

As always, it is always helpful to write down your intentions, share them with a friend and meditate upon change. Don’t forget to experience nature first hand by enjoying your favorite outdoor activity or just taking a walk in the park. Feng Shui looks to nature as a teacher; so should you.