Lack of Focus Could be Tied to Your Clutter

by | Nov 28, 2016

Feeling overwhelmed or in space chaos? Constantly feel the need to clean up but can’t get the energy or focus to do it? Your Lack of Focus could be Tied to Your Clutter.

The Tao Te Ching, one of China’s greatest philosophical classics, suggests that one devote time for regular reflection; only in this way can you quiet your mind to hear the lessons you are to learn.

What is Mind Clutter? It is difficult to quiet your mind if your environment is preventing you from enjoying that much needed down time. If this is a problem, I venture to say that a lot of clutter and disorganization exists in your home and therefore, is reflecting disorganization in your thoughts and emotions.

You need to get focused so you can do some deep reflection to search for a new direction in your life. Let’s start with getting rid of objects that no longer serve a purpose or inspire you. Clear all unnecessary clutter from your home. Containerize, label, sort and file your paperwork so that your paper mess does not continuously busy your mind. Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!

Once this is done, your home should begin to feel a lot lighter, airier and less overwhelming. The physical change in your environment will also reflect in your emotional state of mind

Suggestions for Reflection

Once clutter has been addressed, here are more suggestions to help you be more reflective:

  1. Bring the water element into your space. This can be accomplished in many ways. If you Clutter – Bring in Water have a window that overlooks a yard add a bird bath, some purple or lilac flowers to attract butterflies and soft greenery. Place a chair by this window and sit in it daily to connect with nature and your thoughts. Have a journal beside you to write down those thoughts for future reference.
  2. Place a small water fountain that reverberates soft sounds of water trickling or flowing. The sound of water flowing causes us to relax and reflect on less stressful things in life. It renews us and regenerates our creativity.
  3. Soften straight lines in your environment such as corner edges of tables and walls by adding tall plants by walls and vining plants over table or bookshelf edges; or hanging soft sheer fabric over them.
  4. Clutter and books. Surround yourself with books and writings from others who have reflected upon their own lives and written about it.
  5. Bring the metal element into your environment to promote focus. Any small metal object such as a brass planter or a metal framed picture will work.
  6. Observe the path of the moon for a month. This will bring you outside at night where it is more quiet and dark; both of these qualities will help still your mind. It will also remind you of the many cycles of nature and help you realize that life is about change. Be like nature and go with the flow; resistance to change is never the answer.