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Even though we are proponents of the Pyramid school of feng shui, we study, appreciate and value all schools, including traditional feng shui from China and other Asian countries along with various Western approaches.

No matter which school one prefers, there are certain principles of feng shui that all schools agree upon. These philosophical underpinnings never change. The basics are:

  • Tao – Living in “The Tao” (translated “The Way”) means that we should never go against the laws of nature; instead we should attempt to live in harmony with them. It also means recognizing our interconnections to the natural world, our families, friends, communities, the universe and a higher power.
  • Yin/Yang – is the theory of how complementary opposites comprise a whole. Just as daylight (yang) and night time (yin) are opposites, both are needed to compose a twenty-four hour day. In our environments, it is important to have aspects of both. Yin is described as dark, quiet, still, and small while yang is light, with sound, active, and big.
  • Ch'i – is referred to as “the breath of life” or vitality. Some refer to ch’i as a feeling that permeates throughout a space; however it is best defined as any influence that can be experienced through our five senses.
  • Five Elements – Feng shui defines the world using elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each element has its own influence and identifying features.

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"I never mentioned the Space Clearing to anyone: I wanted proof that it brought results. What a surprise. My clients asked me what I had done. The general consensus was that it felt more positive and comforting; believe me that’s what a therapist wants to hear. What I wasn’t prepared for was the resignation of a problem employee the day after the Space Clearing. Now I know what you mean about the positive pushing out the negative." Tom B.

"Thanks Sylvia! You have had a tremendous positive impact on my life and I'm so grateful!! Before you came into my life, I felt stuck with no sense of direction. Now, I just keep going and going like an energizer bunny Boy you weren't kidding about being in my "fire stage"-.LOL. It has been a whirlwind but many changes and things headed towards the right and loving life. You helped me create a wonderful energy throughout my home. I get compliments from everyone who visits." Marie B.

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