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Feng Shui Color Tip - “Red is Hot”

by Sylvia Watson, FSIA, 1999

According to Margaret Walch, director of the New York-based color-forecasting group, The Color Association of the United States, the hot color for the next few years is red. The reason for the popularity of red, according to Ms. Walch, is that “…. In uncertain times, red can act like a shield, both bold and comforting … I think we’re nervous about the future right now, unsure of what’s coming.” She goes on to say that the reds that are being used are warm, comforting shades and reflect a “…more traditional view of the world.”

Feng shui doesn’t give much credence to trends or fads. Instead color is used to provide an emotional, spiritual or physical benefit drawing upon either color research or from the meanings or messages of certain colors as they relate to the five elements of wood (green), fire (any shade of red), earth (yellow, browns and other earth colors), metal (white, silver, grays) and water (deep blue or black). In this instance, however, Ms. Walch’s reasoning has relevance from a feng shui perspective being that we must take heed of meeting our client’s most basic need for security. The current political climate indicates that Americans are concerned about the threat of terrorism. Other issues contribute to anxiety on the part of many Americans that include job insecurity brought about by downsizing and outsourcing and the instability of the social security system. It is apparent that many people are uncertain about the future, unsure of what is to come.

Here is a tip – look beyond the most recent color trends or fads. Find out if the popular color is an indicator that reflects society’s fears and concerns or maybe their hope and confidence. Also pay attention to the needs being mentioned – if a “comforting” red is needed look to the warmer shades of orange reds as opposed to the blue reds.

Do color trends have a place in the realm of feng shui? It does indeed if the information can be used to help people feel secure, stable and comforted in their environments. Isn’t that one of the primary goals of feng shui?

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"I never mentioned the Space Clearing to anyone: I wanted proof that it brought results. What a surprise. My clients asked me what I had done. The general consensus was that it felt more positive and comforting; believe me that’s what a therapist wants to hear. What I wasn’t prepared for was the resignation of a problem employee the day after the Space Clearing. Now I know what you mean about the positive pushing out the negative." Tom B.

"Thanks Sylvia! You have had a tremendous positive impact on my life and I'm so grateful!! Before you came into my life, I felt stuck with no sense of direction. Now, I just keep going and going like an energizer bunny Boy you weren't kidding about being in my "fire stage"-.LOL. It has been a whirlwind but many changes and things headed towards the right and loving life. You helped me create a wonderful energy throughout my home. I get compliments from everyone who visits." Marie B.

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